city council

Honeyville city has a city government made up of a mayor and five city councilmen. Each one of these positions are four year terms. Every two year either 3 councilmen or the mayor and two councilmen come up for re-election. Each councilman is assigned to various committees to handle city needs. The Planning Commission helps decide how the city will be developed. The members of the Planning Commission are selected from members of the town by the mayor and approved by the city council. The Board of Appeals comes into play when decesions made by the Planning Commission are appealed by a member of the town. Push the various buttons depending on your selection such as a mayor button, the councilmen button, the Planning commission button, the Board of Appeals button Animal Control button

Mayor Councilmen Planning Commission Board of Appeals Animal Control

We live in the country and we enjoy the open spaces. We like to have animals and raise animals; however, we need to respect our neighbors and their rights and property. The city has an ordinance to handle dogs. If you have a dog needs to be in a kennel, on a chain, in your house or on a leash. The owner needs to have control of the dog to avoid destruction of property or injury to other people. To report animal problems or have questions about animal ordinances get in contact with animal control officer. The Honeyville supports a recycling program . The collection dispenser are located above East Park or the Honeyville Cemetery. Select on of the buttons below to view public notice meetings, recycling services, emergency services, Honeyville City Codes or the other city services forms buttons. s

Council Agenda and Minutes